Global Research News Hour: Campaign 2019: The Issues Nobody is Talking about in the Canadian Federal Election, Segment 1


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With the Canadian federal election just days away, the Global Research News Hour tackles critical issues, particularly foreign policy, not being addressed by the major political parties or the media. In the first half hour, we convene a discussion with Canadian foreign policy critic and author Yves Engler and with anti-war activist Ken Stone about the myths and realities surrounding Canadian involvement in the Middle East and militarism more generally and what distinctions if any exist among the different political parties in these areas. In the second half hour, journalist and writer Arnold August discusses Canada's 'policy shift' toward Venezuela and Cuba and why he sees Trudeau's 'slavish' attitude toward the U.S. as unprecedented in modern times. Finally, award- winning freelance writer and researcher Joyce Nelson talks about the Canada Infrastructure Bank and how this little discussed Crown Corporation threatens to oversee the privatization of water and wastewater services across the country.

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