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Sermon Text: Titus 3:12-15


  1. Get
  2. Give
  3. Grace

Reflection Questions:

  1. How do you personally GET the truth, goodness, and beauty of Jesus of Nazareth? Not an academic accumulation and expertise about the love of God, but how do you actually experience the scandalous love of God (inerrantly and supernaturally revealed in Scripture)?
  2. Who do you need to schedule substantive time with in order to (a) relationally experience the reality of God’s love, and (b) rigorously prepare for the work set before you?
  3. Where could you ADJUST your spending habits (and/or your energy allocations) in order to make a more strategic contribution to the work of God’s invisible and advancing Kingdom?
  4. What is God currently calling you to get invested in?
  5. Has God’s grace (i.e. His scandalous choice to save and sanctify sinners) infected you? How have you become a carrier of God’s shocking love?

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