Seeing Whiteness?


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Seeing Whiteness? (February 24, 2019)
Our Board said an overarching goal at this summer’s Board Retreat — to seek and serve “wholeness” among us. It is a particularly important goal to keep in mind as we look, in our just-beginning strategic planning process, at the future of who we wish to be and what it will mean to get there. Part of that work has meant for many of us to begin to unpack what is hard to see and name — the water we swim in, the culture that forms us and we reinforce unless we are careful, the power and privilege and protected class of whiteness.
Rev. Vanessa Rush Southern, Senior Minister
Rev. Alyson Jacks, Associate Minister
Sam King, Worship Associate
Dr. Mark Sumner, Choir Director
Reiko Oda Lane, Organist
Alan Alpert, tenor
Wm. Garcia Ganz, piano
Gayle Reynolds, Trustee
Jonathan Silk, Podcasting, OOS

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