State of the Garden: A Reflection on Us and Here


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State of the Garden: A Reflection on Us and Here (June 10, 2018)
People asked me when I came what was my vision for UUSF. That seemed so silly. Vision doesn't come with you like a stencil you apply to any wall, it grows out of a place like the things of a garden that thrive in that soil, with that level of rainfall. So, 9 months in, as we wrap up one "church year" and as we think about launching next year into Mission and Vision conversations, what do I see? What's in this garden and what's ripe for planting?
Rev. Vanessa Rush Southern, Senior Minister
Sam King, Worship Associate
Asher Davison, clarinet and song leader
Wm. García Ganz, piano
Spider Ranch, live sound and recording
Nathan Gandrud, OOS
Jonathan Silk, Podcasting

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