The Soul of Genius


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The Soul of Genius (November 11, 2018)
In remembrance of our recent musical programmes, evidenced by our Reformation concert last year and our observance on April 4th of the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King's assassination, these times have provided our chorus with plenty of inspiration to lift up and honor these occasions through music. The theme for today's music is almost the same as my first Bay Area concert 22 years ago-----Hallowe'en. This time however, I am much more informed and grounded, thanks to the many observances of Dia de los Muertos witnessed in our communities and the recent and worldwide influence of the movie Coco. For me, our programme has become an opportunity to publicly and demonstratively honor loved ones who have passed.
This occasion has also provided an opportunity to take another look at Mozart's unfinished Requiem. There are many reasons to make use of a requiem setting in a concert but for today's I thought it timely to feature a completion of Mozart's by one (Robert D. Levin) who can lay claim to a piece of Mozart's spirit by finishing his masterwork AND receive a passing grade for it---that is, it could indeed pass as Mozart's. My primary hope is that you can find moments in our music today to summon the good spirits around you, and may you, those spirits, the spirit of Mozart and the spirits of all loved ones enjoy today's ofrendas/offerings.
Dr. Mark Sumner, music director, conductor
Rev. Vanessa Rush Southern, Senior Minister
Shari Halliday-Quan, Ministerial Intern
Bill Ganz, piano
Gilead Wurman, soloist
Kate Offer, soprano
Ariel Andrew, mezzo soprano
Seth Arnopole, tenor
Asher Davison, bass
Mark Abdilla, guitar
First Unitarian Universalist Chorus
Guest singers from UC Alumni Chorus, Berkeley
UC Men's and Women's Chorales, Berkeley
Jonathan Silk, Podcasting, OOS, Sound

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