S2 EP 9: How My Family Dealt with my Mental Health | Importance of PRIORITIZING Your Mental HEALTH!


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Hey everyone! Welcome back to Season 2 for Serotonin Vibes Podcast! So excited to have you all here with me today, thank you for listening! How has your family reacted to your mental health? What are the stereotypes around mental health in your culture? I share how my family responded to my mental health journey growing up. Take a listen and learn how to speak up for your health and be aware of why your loved ones are responding the way they are. It's so important to speak up for yourself and allow yourself to feel how you feel regardless of what ANYONE SAYS or wants you to feel. ~ If you live in NYC and need to talk to a counselor about your mental health today: https://nycwell.cityofnewyork.us/en/ If you need immediate attention and feel like are in danger please call 911 If you feel like you need help and are in danger to YOURSELF: https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org ~ Find Me : instagram: www.instagram.com/serotoninvibes/ website: destinycorporan.wixsite.com/serotoninvibes book a tarot session with me: destinycorporan.wixsite.com/serotoninvi…book-online 'Blankita' Paperback and Ebook: www.amazon.com/dp/1791602304/ref…&s=gateway&sr=8-3 latina & spiritual af stickers: www.etsy.com/listing/648811410/…ome_active_1&frs=1

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