Episode 38 – How to H.E.A.R as a Servant Leader w/Mark Fister


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In this episode, listeners will discover:

  • The four actionable steps to becoming a better listener
  • Some of the major challenges leaders face in becoming listeners
  • How to enhance our listening as servant leaders

Show Highlights

  • 0:00 Show Start
  • 3:02 *Important* -Service is Power Format Survey
  • 6:15 Mark Fister Intro
  • 8:51 Behind the scenes peek at 101 interviews of Servant Leaders
  • 11:36 The H.E.A.R. method
  • 21:18 Overcoming the challenges to listening well
  • 23:35 Wisdom for servant leaders in college


mark@fister.org | Twitter

Books Listed

Mindset – Carol Dweck | Start with Why – Simon Sinek | The Mindful Geek – Michael Taft | Focus – Daniel Goldman | Emotional Intelligence 2.0 – Travis Bradberry & Jean Graves | Servant Leadership in Action – Ken Blanchard | This is Day One: A Pratical Guide to Leadership that Matters – Drew Dudley | The Road Less Traveled – M. Scott Peck | Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less – Greg McKeown

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