Episode 39 – Empowerment Leadership w/Jeff and Dr. Maria Gross


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In this episode, listeners will discover:

  • What the results of Servant Leadership truly are
  • The key strength of the Servant Leadership theory
  • The 5 habits of Empowerment Leadership

Show Highlights

  • 0:00 Show Start
  • 5:25 Jeff and Dr. Maria Gross Intro
  • 6:24 The Differences between Empowerment and Servant Leadership
  • 8:27 How to obtain an internal vision as a leader
  • 11:05 What is Gro-Nova all about?
  • 12:22 The driving force behind Dr. Gross’ study in Educational Leadership
  • 20:25 The Habits of an Empowerment leader
  • 27:20 What is the 70-70-70 Conundrum?


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