SPM 147: Why do players make mistakes at international level that they don't for their clubs?


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This is Set Piece Menu - the podcast where four friends talk football over food. The football: After high profile mistakes in recent months by England international defenders, we ask why players tend to make the kind of errors for their country that they wouldn't for their clubs, and whether it's because of the coaching they're getting at club level is the best it has ever been. The food: A stir-fry. Not prepared prior to the pod, but afterwards, because Hugh is concerned about juggling recording equipment and a very hot wok. BREAKING NEWS: We are, at last, doing our 100th episode! Set Piece Menu Live is happening on 13th November as part of the Manchester Podcast Festival. Tickets are available here: https://www.manchesterpodcastfestival.com/set-piece-menu

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