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Masturbation. Think of it as sex with your best friend. Even though few women openly discuss their personal DIY time, studies show that 90% of us are rubbing one out on the regular. That means 9 out of 10 women are doing something right. Because masturbation is not a deviant act. It’s actually a revolutionary act against the patriarchy, with genuine health, sex and beauty benefits. FACT: You’re more likely to reach orgasms during sex with a partner if you know exactly the kind of touch your body needs to get there. FACT: The more orgasms you have, the more you want. FACT: During menopause, the vagina can narrow, which can make intercourse more painful. But masturbation can help boost blood flow, relieve some tissue and moisture problems, and increase sexual desire. FACT: Masturbating can release the feel-good hormone Oxytocin, which can naturally relieve stress and anxiety. FACT: Masturbation works like Mindful Meditation. Rubbing one out is a great way to help anchor you into the present moment. FACT: Shirley Jones, TV’s beloved Mrs. Partridge, revealed in her tell-all memoir that her secret for staying so youthful and vibrant is — daily, you guessed it, MASTURBATION! I think I love you, Shirley Jones! On this episode, I interview pleasure ninja, Rebecca Friedman, the co-founder (along with Carla Birnberg) of YourBoxBox.com. Your Box Box is a women’s monthly self-care subscription box. Each shipment contains an entire experience to spark self-connection; beginning with scene-setting bath salts / bath bombs / aromatherapy lotions, each box also includes science-based reading materials, adult accessories and pleasure products, and a sweet treat to prolong the afterglow. According to their website: Your Box Box is more than a purveyor of pleasure products; we are a masturbation movement. A group of like-minded individuals who believe orgasms are not a luxury but a right and pleasure is the ultimate self-care. Hell to the yes!!! You’d easily plunk down $200 for some pseudo-science, anti-aging serum you’d find at Walgreens. Turns out, all you need to stay young and vibrant might just be a sex toy and a dream. Here’s a special Sex Ed The Musical listener discount from the folks at Your Box Box. Click, save and enjoy! https://yourboxbox.com/discount/MUSICAL WOMEN, PLEASE STEP AWAY FROM THE JUDGMENT!!! Masturbation is self care of the highest order. Think of it as yoga — but without buying $300 lycra pants, searching for parking and you never have to be next to some rando with a man bun who smells like kombucha. Unless you’re into that. Listen, learn and then rub one out. Your best friend will thank you.

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