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Ahhhhh, MENOPAUSE. All those hilarious memes about hot flashes, mood swings, night sweats, and that wacky brain fog. All kidding aside, menopause is no joke. It’s time we all stop being polite, and start getting real about menopause. On this episode, I have a completely uncensored and candid talk with highly-respected OB/GYN to the stars, and self-proclaimed “vagina whisperer” Dr. Sherry A. Ross. We talk about pain during sex, what causes it and what you can do to prevent it so you can enjoy sex life again. We talk about vaginal dryness and remedies that work. We talk about the importance of a good vibrator. How to advocate for yourself when you’re at the doctor’s office. We even discuss if “squirting” is a real thing? Hint: It is. Dr. Sherry and I go there! This episode answers the questions you have about your middle-aged ladyparts and what the hell is happening to them! The bottom line is this: You don’t have to suffer. There are solutions out there and Dr. Sherry shares them with me right here. SHOW NOTES :00-2:35 Intro 2:35 Do you have to shave your legs before going to the gynecologist? 3:38 You can tell by looking at a vagina if someone is having a lot of sex. 5:00 What causes painful sex? 5:50 Hydrate your vagina with Revaree Hyaluronic Acid for Vaginal Dryness 6:40 Dr. Sherry’s preferred dilators to help help eliminate pain during sex. 7:25 What causes pain during sex. 8:34 Extra virgin coconut oil is the best lube. 8:57 Bathe with extra virgin coconut oil. 9:33 Why it’s not a good idea to have only sex twice a year. 10:05 How to use Dr. Sherry’s preferred dilators. 12:15 The importance of talking about menopause. 12:47 Why you need the vaginal dryness remedy, Revaree. 13:00 Using boric acid to even out the pH balance in your vagina. 13:15 Revaree. 13:40 Why you should be using Dr. Sherry’s preferred vibrator. 14:39 Women are reluctant to introduce sex toys with their male partners. Check out episode 7 to find out how you shouldn’t introduce sex toys. 15:02 Vibrators make your male partner’s life easier. 15:19 Women have been marginalized to express their sexual desires. 15:39 The average time you spend with your doctor is 7.5 minutes. 16:05 Squirting! 18:25 Hormone replacement therapy. 19:11 Things that may trigger hot flashes. 19:37 When to know if you need hormones or if you need to stay on hormones. 20:30 The importance of discussing menopause and women’s health issues. 21:58 Is there a light at the end of the vagina tunnel? 22:31 Any correlation between how your mother experienced menopause and how you will. 24:15 The importance of discussing pleasure with girls. 25:00 Is using a vibrator going to desensitize you for manual stimulation? 26:34 Despite numerous mentions, my show is not sponsored by the Hitachi Magic Wand. 26:41 Your Peloton might be traumatizing your vulva. 27:20 The coconut oil you shouldn’t get. 27:50 How to advocate better for yourself with your doctor. What should you do before even walking into the exam room. 28:48 How to recognize you’re being gaslighted by medical professionals. 30:18 The biggest myth about menopause. 30:37 Using a MonaLisa laser to help with vaginal dryness and atrophy. 31:34 Porn has ruined our vaginal self esteem. 32:42 Dr. Sherry’s Visual Vaginal Library 33:26 Vaginal farts. Order Dr. Sherry’s book She-ology: The Definitive To Women’s Intimate Health. Period.

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