An inclusive discussion of Stigma and Mental Health with Bryson Kelpe


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Bryson Kelpe is a nurse and a mental health counselor. Currently, he is working on creating a stigma recovery program for people living with HIV and struggling with mental health. Bryson is an American living in Germany with his husband and was crowned Germany’s Mr. Bear in 2020. He was also tested positive for the COVID-19 and shares his experience on what that was like and the work that he is currently doing for the LGBTQ community.


[1:20] How did Bryson go from the United States to living in Germany?

[3:25] Bryson recently tested positive for Covid-19.

[6:50] How did Bryson become Mr. Bear Germany?

[10:15] Cologne, Germany has a very inclusive rugby scene that Bryson likes to take part in.

[12:35] Stigma keeps people from being connected. There is so much stigma around the LGBTQ community, mental health, and HIV that it stops people from being open and honest.

[15:20] In aviation, people are working at all hours of the night, which is not something the human body is used to. Lack of sleep means you’re prone to more mental health disorders.

[17:40] Definition of recovery: You could still be having symptoms, but you’re finding hope.

[19:40] Bryson is working towards a stigma reduction program that will include HIV, PrEP, and mental health. It will be in three languages to make it more accessible.

[22:35] What’s next for Bryson?


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Stigma: Notes on the Management of Spoiled Identity by Erving Goffman

Div. 44 - APA Divisions


  • “There’s a lot of stigma in aviation around mental health and the focus [for me] has been on human factors between the interaction of pilot and machine.”
  • “The big thing is you recover from the stigma of your diagnosis.”
  • “Some countries like Austria, a modern country, PrEP is relatively new and unknown even in the provider community.”
  • “Case managers are just worried about your mental health, they don’t care if you went to the dentist or doctor for diabetes.”

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