Stronger Together. You Deserve to be Accepted with Enod Gray


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Enod Gray is a clinical social worker, certified sex addiction therapist, and has been in this work for over 25+ years. Enod specializes in complex PTSD, childhood abuse and neglect, partner trauma, and more. Enod shares her thoughts on how gay men can find themselves and be true to themselves when they’ve grown up in a community that is homophobic or extremely religious. You don’t need to wait until you become an empty nester to live your true, authentic life.


[1:00] A little bit about Enod and her work.

[3:20] There is so much trauma around growing up and not being able to fit in as a gay man.

[5:10] How does bullying impact a child?

[8:15] Any kind of addiction is an attempt to survive.

[9:20] How can people heal themselves if they feel like ‘damaged goods’ due to their HIV diagnosis?

[10:35] A lot of trauma resides in the body.

[15:45] Enod shares her experience with gay youth and religion.

[19:05] So many gay men come out later in life after they’ve had families because they finally felt comfortable in their own skin to be accepted.

[21:15] There is great power in finding a healthy community and group.

[25:00] You deserve to live out your true life.


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Neglect‑The Silent Abuser: How to Recognize and Heal by Enod Gray


  • “As children and youth, the tendency is to blame themselves. This thinking that it’s all their fault.”
  • “Being gay or being trans just puts another layer over it. The basic human need to belong is obliviated by bullying.”
  • “Addictions are all coping mechanisms to survive.”
  • “Gay men will often marry, have families, even though they’re not attracted to the opposite sex just to be accepted. That’s sad.”

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