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Lulu Cook is an expert in eating disorders and food addiction. She is a coach and dietitian. Lulu helps her clients feel good about their emotional and physical health. Food addiction can show up in many ways and it can be a big struggle to stop binge eating. Lulu provides information on why people typically develop eating disorders, how to best recover/manage their relationship with food, and so much more on today’s episode!


[3:25] Lulu shares her food addiction journey and story.

[6:10] What is the difference between an eating disorder and food addiction?

[14:00] Do people with eating disorders also typically have body dystopia?

[18:00] Why do people typically develop eating disorders?

[24:20] People need to eat food. How does Lulu help manage her client’s addictions?

[29:25] Food addiction can destroy people’s lives. Lulu shares some examples.

[31:05] How do weight and food fit together? If someone is big-boned or a little heavy, how do they recognize they might just like to eat vs. have an addiction?

[33:05] Food touches everything in our lives. Our relationships, faith, environment, and health.

[38:20] Lulu works with clients all over the world, so location is no obstacle if you’re interested in getting some help!


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  • “Food is medicine and the impact of food on my mood was so profound.”
  • “A higher proportion of people who are in bigger bodies will have binging behaviors than smaller people, but that’s not always necessarily the case.”
  • “This stuff is not easy. We don’t get to stop eating if we want to keep living. We just need to learn how to nourish ourselves in ways that feel more healthy.”
  • “I came for the vanity, but I stayed for my sanity.”

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