40 | Tied to the Rafters in His Mom’s Basement: Tam’s Sex Stories


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Tam [40, cis female, bi, kinky submissive] and Wyoh talk about:

All things (or at least a lot of em) kinky & submissive: BDSM! Meanings of collars. What to do post-First Master, D/s dynamics, jealousy, ethics, discovering your submissive self, latex & boob harnesses.

experimenting w tampons pre-period

losing virginity w another person conscious (and supportive!) in the room…and on a waterbed

the idea of “sex just won’t be good for a while” (for women)

cheating (in order to have butt sex)

the Sunday Night Fetish Club

exploring early online chat rooms

first time getting tied up


when to lube the backs of your armpits

orgasm listening to other people have sex

group sex spaces & the orgy dome at burning man.

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