Overcoming Reactivity Struggles with your Naughty But Nice Dog


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Owning a barking, lunging, reactive dog - a Naughty But Nice dog - can be challenging. The firefighting, the constant stress and worry, the fear of not knowing what to do, or when to do it. We know. We've been where you are, and we want you to know that we have got your back!

With an increase in dog training and behaviour struggles over the last few years, the bad advice out there in the dog training world has also skyrocketed! It's never been more challenging to find the information YOU need to transform your dog's training and behaviour struggles AND give you lasting, real-life results and an amazing relationship with your dog!

In this episode of the Sexier than a Squirrel podcast, we have got some SUPER strategies, solutions and top tips to help you not only get to grips with your reactive dog struggles, but also empower you with ALL the knowledge you need so you can be totally sure that you are doing the right thing for you and your dog!


• Barks, lunges, reacts or growls at anything and everything

• Is worried about noise, movement or novelty

• Chases, sniffs or hunts and pretends you don't exist

• Has a hard time when you leave them home alone

• Barks at noises or people or nothing!

• Runs off when you let them off lead and has no recall

• Jumps, humps, zooms, grabs your clothes or is mouthy and excitable

• Can’t settle in your home

• Finds visitors to your home hugely stressful!

• Insert YOUR struggle here...


The Barking, Lunging, Reactivity 7 Day Homeschool Challenge is back!

This powerful little challenge is going to take you from not knowing what to do and feeling like there's no hope, to having the absolute certainty that you are doing the right thing while also arming you with the skills you need to teach your dog to overcome all your dog training struggles!

It's an action-packed 7 days, giving you something to look forward to, something to give you an optimism boost and the momentum to conquer your dog's struggles and turn them into strengths once and for all!

Want to know the best news? The Challenge is only £7 and you get to keep it for life!

What are you waiting for? Jump in!


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