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Today we're talking TRICKS! This is going to be such a COOL episode!

There are many people out there who see dog training as owners teaching their dogs tricks or teaching them something cool or cute to show off. The reality is, that other people's "tricks" can very much be everyday training behaviours and FUN GAMES for our dogs that help shape their learning in a rewarding way!

Some of our favourite tricks like:

  • Middle on the Move
  • Leg Weaves
  • Bow
  • Spinning left and right,

Or even other behaviour cues like:

  • Walking backwards,
  • Jumping into our arms; and
  • Hopping on a boundary from a distance

These are all perfect examples of super behaviours that can look like a cool party trick, but they are also purposeful skills we get to teach our dogs to help set them up for joyful success in everyday life and real-life environments.

Join Tom and Lauren in this super cool episode as they dive into their top tips for teaching your dog fun tricks that are not only going to bring them joy and enrichment but tricks that are also going to boost your relationship AND build super valuable behaviours and strong concepts that will serve your dog and set them up for success as they go about life with you!

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