EP101 - When Sex Hurts by Dr. Holly Herman


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Welcome to episode 101 of the Sexology Podcast! Today I am delighted to be talking with Dr. Holly Herman who speaks to me about common causes of sexual pain for women, the extensive role physical therapists have for sexual issues and exercises women can do to help prevent injuries.

Dr. Hollis Herman (Holly) has been a physical therapist for 43 years. Her passion is musculoskeletal function and dysfunction in Functional Health in the LGBT community and is Board Certified as an Orthopedic, Women’s Health, Biofeedback Specialist. Holly is an AASECT certified Sexuality Counselor and an ISSWSH Sexuality Fellow. She has pioneered physical therapy evaluation and treatment of problems that involve urologic, colorectal, obstetric, gynecologic, reproductive and sexual medicine.

She maintains a vibrant private practice, HealthyWomen HealthyMen HealthyPeople, in Cambridge, MA, seeing patients in addition to training thousands of health professionals in these areas of health worldwide.

Holly has authored numerous books, book chapters and peer reviewed articles. She has received many grants and awards for her dedication and clinical excellence in physical therapy. Holly co-founded the Herman & Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute in 2005, though, no longer affiliated. Holly believes all patients deserve the right to be heard, validated, understood and educated in their specific musculoskeletal condition to live a healthy functionally active life.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Common causes of sexual pain for women
  • Knowing when you need to seek medical attention for sexual issues
  • The extensive role physical therapists have for sexual issues
  • The course of treatment and services people can expect from a physical therapist
  • How long treatments usually last
  • Exercises women can do to help prevent injuries
  • Where to find a physical therapist right for you









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