EP133 - Penile Implant Surgery


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Welcome to episode 133 of the Sexology Podcast! Today I’m delighted to welcome Jeffrey Loh-Doyle, MD to the podcast. In this episode he speaks to me about the ways in which neurologists can help men with erectile dysfunction, the steps leading to a penile prosthesis and how the penile prosthesis works.

Jeffrey Loh-Doyle, MD, is a specialist in complex surgical reconstruction of the male urinary tract, male urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction, sexual health, urethral stricture disease, and Peyronie’s Disease. He joins the USC Institute of Urology after completing his urology residency at USC and further fellowship training in male genitourinary reconstructive and prosthetic surgery under Dr. Stuart Boyd, a world-renown reconstructive cancer surgeon and authority on reconstruction of the lower urinary tract and urologic prosthestics.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Dr. Loh-Doyle completed his undergraduate and medical school education in the prestigious Baccalaureate/MD program at the Keck School of Medicine of USC, where he achieved degrees in biological sciences, international relations, and doctor of medicine. Dr. Loh-Doyle’s areas of clinical and research interest include erectile dysfunction, male urinary incontinence, Peyronie’s Disease, reconstruction of the urinary tract, and urologic oncology. In addition to urology, he also has a keen interest in health policy and quality improvement and participated in a two-year health care administration scholars program run by the Los Angeles County Department of Health. He was awarded a grant to improve the peri-operative patient experience at Los Angeles County+USC, and he is an active participant in several committees aimed at improving the delivery of sophisticated healthcare to the underserved.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The ways in which neurologists can help men with erectile disfunction
  • The steps leading to a penile prosthesis
  • How there is a psychogenic component to erectile disfunctions
  • Allaying the concerns about injecting into the penis
  • How the penile prosthesis works
  • The main candidates for this type of surgery
  • The possible risk and side effects
  • How common is it for people to have mechanical issues?
  • The level of satisfaction after surgery
  • How quickly people can resume sexual activity after surgery



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