EP142 - Is It Okay to Fantasize About Others Even When You're in a Relationship?


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Welcome to episode 142 of the Sexology Podcast! Today's episode is a solo episode where I discuss fantasizing about others while you're in a relationship, understanding from the fantasy what you want more of in your relationship, the way our sub-conscious plays a role in this issue, and how this is a very common issue for lots of couples.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Is it normal to fantasize about someone else while in a relationship?
  • The importance of communication and dialogue when defining the parameters of your relationship
  • The stigma attached to non-monogamous relationships
  • How our sub-conscious plays a role in this issue
  • Recognizing obsessional thoughts and what to do with them
  • Being true to your own values
  • Learning to not judge yourself for having certain thoughts
  • Removing yourself from situations where you might regret a decision later, e.g. drinking at a social event
  • Understanding from the fantasy what you want more of in your relationship
  • The role that guilt and shame plays with this issue
  • How this is a very common issue for lots of couples




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