EP177 - Conquering Body Shame with Dr. Anita Johnston


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Welcome to episode 177 of the Sexology Podcast, my guest today is Dr. Anita Johnson. In this episode, she speaks with me about the issues of body shame, how it affects people’s lives and learning to change your relationship with your body from within.

Anita Johnston, Ph.D., is a Depth Psychologist and author of Eating in the Light of the Moon, which has been published in six languages. She is the co-creator of the online course, Light of the Moon Café which is an interactive “workbook” and women’s support circle for Eating in the Light of the Moon, and she is the author of a book chapters and other professional journal articles.

She has been working in the field of women’s issues and disordered eating for over 35 years and is currently the Clinical Director of ‘Ai Pono Hawaii which has outpatient eating disorder programs in Honolulu, the Big Island of Hawaii, and a residential treatment program in Maui.

Dr. Johnston provides individual consultations online, and conducts Soul Hunger workshops and professional trainings around the world, using metaphor and storytelling, along with her training as a clinical psychologist, to address the complex issues that underlie struggles with eating, weight, and body image.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • How body image shame affects people's lives
  • The way in which young women are exposed to many forms of sex before their first kiss
  • How we internalize sexual messaging in today’s culture
  • Knowing that you can set the pace for your sexual life
  • Why sex gets better as you get older
  • Learning to change your relationship with your body from within
  • Why if somebody is making negative comments about you, it’s says more about them than you
  • How we’re overcoming generations of sexual conditioning

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