EP196 - Dating in the Time of Coronavirus with Cyndi Darnell


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Welcome to episode 196 of the Sexology Podcast! Today I'm delighted to welcome Cyndi Darnell to the podcast. In this episode Cyndi talks to me about dating in the time of coronavirus, exploring your sexuality during a pandemic and improving intimacy during this challenging time.

Cyndi Darnell is a NY based, internationally renowned sex & relationships therapist & clinical sexologist. Originally from Australia, her approach spans the clinical to the esoteric. Her academic work is published in the Journal of Sex Education (UK) & Sexual & Relationship Therapy (UK).

She holds a board affiliate position for the University of Wisconsin - Stout Graduate Certificate in Sex Therapy Program. She’s a clinical associate with Pink Therapy UK and faculty on Pink Therapy's Foundation Certificate in Gender, Sexuality & Relationship Diversity Therapy and at New York’s Omega Institute.

Her online courses and podcast The Erotic Philosopher meet today’s adult sex education needs by bridging the gaps in peoples’ knowledge regarding pleasure, relationships, passion and desire. As a trusted media source, her wisdom has been published in media outlets globally including The Washington Post, O -The Oprah Magazine, New York Magazine, Huffington Post, Bustle, Vice, Cosmo, Sydney Morning Herald, The Guardian and Aussie TV series LukeWarmSex for ABC. She’s spearheading progressive sex & relationships seminars and workshops for adults that deeply change people’s lives. In 2015 she was the only sexologist named on MindBodyGreen’s Top 100 Women to Watch.

She maintains a global consulting practice in NYC and online and offers insight into the quandaries of the erotic to transform fear into freedom.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Should we be dating during a pandemic?
  • Looking at the different types of dating currently available to us
  • Recommendations for improving communication skills
  • Exploring your sexuality during a pandemic
  • Is it safe to have hook up sex?
  • Can we pursue longer term relationships through Covid?
  • How we can improve intimacy during this challenging time
  • Will our dating lives change forever?
  • What a new normal might look like for dating
  • Finding ways to not get overwhelmed by the restrictive nature dating during a pandemic
  • Using the time we have to reflect on what we really want from our sexuality and relationships

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