EP254 - Revving Up Men's Sex Drive


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Welcome to episode 254 of the Sexology Podcast! Today is a solo episode where Dr. Nazanin Moali discusses ways in which men can rev up their sex drive, how sexual desire differs between different genders and ways in which you can address and overcome issues of when your partner starts to drift from you sexually.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The challenges men face with low libido
  • Looking at the misconceptions that men always being ready and wanting sex
  • What is sexual desire?
  • How sexual desire differs between different genders
  • Looking at hyperactive sexual desire disorder
  • The biological factors that can affect men’s sexual desire
  • Ways in which eating disorders can affect sexual desire
  • Overcoming issues of when your partner starts to drift from you sexually
  • How to best communicate with your partner when you lose the sexual spark
  • The ways in which becoming a parent can affect libido
  • Looking at medications that can lead to low libido through side effects
  • The relationship of inter-personal factors and how the quality of your relationship relates to the quality of your sex

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