EP82 - Coming Out As Transgender


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Welcome to episode 82 of the Sexology Podcast, today I’m joined by Christine Macinnis who speaks to me about she became interested in working with transgender people, the best ways and practices we can all support transgender people and the issues they face when coming out.

Due to over 20 years working in local schools as a school counselor, Christine brings a unique perspective to her work in private practice. She loves assisting the adolescent through the trials of depression, anxiety, school and learning issues, gender and sexual identity confusion, and the adjustment to college and launching from their family.

In addition to her work with teenagers, Christine has a passion for the challenges and celebration of sexual and gender identity for all age groups. As a Certified LGBT-Affirmative Psychotherapy Provider, she has supported several transgender clients and families as they progress through the process of transition and acceptance. In terms of support outside of our sessions, Christine can be a strong educational advocate for her client's needs and is well versed in the IEP/504 plan process to support students academically. She is also an expert in college and career planning for teens.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • How Christine became interested in working with transgender people
  • The way in which transgender people experience an additional layer of stigma
  • How therapist’s biases can play into people’s processes of sexual orientation
  • Supporting parents in understanding difference between their child being curious or aligning with gender identity
  • The best ways and practices we can all support transgender people
  • How unfortunately transgender people have the highest rates of suicide and self-medication
  • The issues transgender people face when coming out
  • The need to question and overcome societal biases against transgender people


Phone – 1310 683 9047

Email – macinnis.christine@gmail.com




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