EP134 - Self Pleasure and Peaking


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Welcome to episode 134 of the Sexology Podcast! Today I’m delighted to welcome back Dr. Steve Bodansky to the podcast. In this episode he speaks to me about the benefits of self-pleasure, overcoming shame and recommendations to discover your own erogenous zones.

Steve Bodansky together with his wife Vera have been teachers of Sensuality for the past 35 years. Steve received a Masters in Molecular Biology at SUNY at Albany and a Doctorate at More University in Sensuality with an emphasis on female orgasm. He first studied and then taught at More U. thru 1992.

For the past 27 years they have been coaching students as a couple and started writing books about optimum sensual pleasure. They have trained many people over the past 30 years with courses and personal training and continue to do so. A number of their former students have become sensual facilitators themselves.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The benefits of self-pleasure
  • Incorporating mindfulness into self-pleasure
  • What is peaking?
  • Overcoming the shame associated with self-pleasure
  • Understanding the need for build-up to climax
  • The way in which pornography gives us a false view of the female orgasm
  • Recommendations to discover your own erogenous zones
  • The common strokes that are helpful for self-pleasure
  • Learning not to be dependable on sex toys




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