EP137 – How To Last Longer In Bed


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Welcome to episode 137 of the Sexology Podcast! Today I’m delighted to welcome Caitlin V to the podcast. In this episode she speaks to me about what men can do to last longer in bed, the underlying issues of premature ejaculation and techniques that men can learn to help with this issue.

Caitlin V is a sex and relationship coach who helps men become amazing lovers and incredible partners. Formerly a sexual health researcher and policy analyst, she was catapulted into internet stardom after a video featuring her went viral.

She works with clients all over the world on ending premature ejaculation, preventing erectile dysfunction, and developing unshakable sexual confidence. Combining personal experience with evidence-based science in her coaching, Caitlin’s mission is to create a sex and pleasure-positive world

In this episode, you will hear:

  • What can men do to last longer in bed?
  • Simple and effective techniques men can use
  • Understanding how your style of masturbation will affect your sex life
  • How society has the wrong expectation on the duration of sex
  • Learning to control your ejaculation, if only by a small amount
  • How many men don’t know treatment is available
  • Numbing techniques – picturing undesirable things whilst having sex
  • Why numbing techniques don’t offer the best solution
  • Why longer duration of sex doesn’t translate to better sex
  • The relationship between sexual positions and duration
  • Staying away from untested home remedies



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