EP184 - Sex Too Sweet with Janis Roszler & Donna Rice


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Welcome to episode 184 of the Sexology Podcast! Today I am excited to welcome Janis Roszler & Donna Rice to the podcast. In this episode they speak with me about their new book Intimacy & Diabetes, the common challenges people face around sexuality and diabetes, removing shame from diabetes and navigating your sense of fun and spontaneity with a chronic illness.

Romantic relationships play an important role in our everyday lives. But when diabetes enters the picture, it can complicate even the most loving and open relationships. Many people don’t know that diabetes can impact physical and emotional intimacy—and intimacy-related issues can be especially difficult to discuss with a partner or a doctor. But don’t let diabetes hinder the romance! Intimacy & Diabetes is here to give you practical information and expert advice to tackle this sensitive subject. This comprehensive, interactive guide covers everything you need to know to enjoy a fulfilling sexual and emotional life despite the challenges of diabetes. Inside you’ll find:

The common physical and emotional sexual complications of diabetes and treatment options for men and women An overview of diabetes nutrition, physical activity, weight loss, and diabetes medications Information on how aging impacts diabetes management and intimacy Guidance on how to talk to your doctor about intimacy-related issues Ideas and techniques for building sexual intimacy and communicating effectively with your partner Tips to help you avoid dangerous or money-wasting fraudulent sexual treatments A collection of delicious, diabetes-friendly recipes to help spice up your love life.

Authors Janis Roszler and Donna Rice use humor, helpful examples, and insightful questions to present key topics about sexual health in an engaging, approachable way. This book is perfect for anyone (regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age, or health status) looking to rekindle intimacy with their partner or be proactive about their sexual and emotional wellbeing. Intimacy & Diabetes is your key to a happy, healthy intimate life with diabetes.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • How did Janis & Donna become interested in this topic?
  • Understanding the need for providers to bring up the conversation to clients
  • The common challenges people face around sexuality and diabetes
  • How many aspects of diabetes are based on genetics and not behavioral issues
  • Removing shame from diabetes
  • Dealing with blame around chronic illnesses
  • The challenges people face getting into a new relationship with diabetes
  • Navigating your sense of fun and spontaneity with diabetes
  • Looking at medications and their effectiveness

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