Special Podcast Pilot: The People v. Star Trek: Voyager


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The place is Space Court. The year is The Future. The question at hand is one that has shattered homes, wounded friendships, and bedeviled humanity’s greatest minds for generations: Is Star Trek: Voyager good… or is it garbage? Journey forward to the courtroom of the Honorable Judge Midnightien Later as he seeks to discern a final and legally-binding answer to this and other perplexing questions, one Voyager episode at a time. Is Janeway the purest exemplar of the overarching Star Trek ethos, or does she personify the dangers of dogmatic adherence to Starfleet’s institutional code? Is the Voyager a pretty ship? Why does the theme song never speed up? The court’s only hope for finding answers are three voices from the ancient past: The apologist, the hater, and the dude who is watching it all for the first time.

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