Special Podcast Release: The People v. Star Trek: Voyager - Case 1.05: Phage


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The Board-certified legal gladiators of Judge Later’s courtroom follow Voyager on a breezy jaunt into the world of organ theft! Janeway engages in some intense moral sparring with a threatening new alien race that will almost certainly never, ever bedevil the days of the Voyager crew again, Kess and Neelix’s relationship reaches staggering new heights of codependency, and the writer’s room shatters the Starfleet record for fastest ever treatment of the “right-to-die” issue. Will these admirably dark thematic turns be enough to deflect the Space Court’s wrath? Can the episode find justice in spite of another squandered opportunity to kill Neelix? Is “The Phage” good… or is it garbage?

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