Special Presentation - The Ninth Power: A Christmas Album


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Shadeaux Public Radio is proud to present for your holiday enjoyment: a Christmas album. This is the ninth Shadeaux Bros. album, no prior knowledge of their earlier work is required. In fact, prior knowledge would only be a hindrance. Today we sally forth to defend a dream of Christmas from the forces of Darkness and Despair, we ride! These albums began nine years ago as a gift to our friends - so happy that now we have more friends to give it to. Silly, sweet, strange, and dumb - the Shadeaux Bros. saving Christmas again. We hope you enjoy it as you celebrate this or any holiday. If you are deeply moved to contribute financially, please go to patreon.com/shadeaux. Guest Performers: Josh Darnell, Sam Hopkins, Margot Hitchcock, Andrew Rabanal, Jordan Richey, Matt Hardy, Dustin Ah Kuoi, and Brian Smith Patrick Najjar as Odbody Derek Adams as D. Shadeaux Jonathan Sparks as J. Shadeaux Written by: Derek Adams Original Music/Sound Design/Arrangement and Produced by: Jonathan Sparks

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