Episode 10: Shades and Coffee with Anne Welsh - Author, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist (Pain-less Universal)


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My guest today is an entrepreneur, business mentor, published author and international speaker.

She is the Founder and CEO of Painless Universal Limited an organisation which focuses on dealing with the emotional, physical and mental aspects of pain.

In June 2019, she launched her book Pain-less, which was borne of her determination to raise awareness about the impact that invisible diseases can have on individuals and their families. As a sickle cell sufferer herself, she is all too aware of the difficulties caused by life-threatening illnesses. By writing this book, she has given a roadmap for others to improve their mental and physical wellbeing and towards achieving a joyful and fulfilling life

If physical or emotional pain is your current reality, whether through injury, illness, the current pandemic or some other situation, please do tap into the free resources available on our guests website https://painlessuniversal.com You are not alone, there is light at the end of the tunnel.
Please welcome, Lady Anne Welsh



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