Episode 14: Shades and Coffee with Giulio Cerqua - Artist and Jeweller: CIVICO LXXV GC STORE


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My guest today is a Tuscan artist and sculptor who fined tuned his talent whilst apprenticed to well known Italian masters.

His love of beauty, fashion and form led him to experiment with creating art in the form of jewellery thus pioneering new techniques for jewellery production.

In 2009, his beloved L’Aquila was devastated by an earthquake. It was Italy’s worst, many people died, or were injured, or left homeless.

Having survived such devastation to his home, his business, his loved ones, he left L’Aquila, rebuilt a new home, a new studio and a new life.

He now uses materials specifically from the beautiful 13th-century city of L’Aquila as a way of breathing new life into, and communicating with, the past. His past.

I feel honoured to hear first hand, what drives his creativity - a mixture of pain, sadness, love, hope, and a longing to find inner peace.

Welcome, Giulio Cerqua


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