Episode 15: Shades and Coffee with Simon Dowell - Entrepreneur, Business Consultant


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My guest today was on the Board of a large, international and very successful sports brand: Hi-Tec.
In 2010, he founded and launched his own luxury high performance sportswear brand - PlayBrave. He left the PlayBrave Board this year in order to seek his next passion project and I’m grateful to him for sharing this particular part of his journey :– The Search.

He reminds us all that we have one life to live and that fulfilment, satisfaction, joy and success can be achieved through the choices we make about how we work, the work we do and how we balance this with our top most priorities.

Having had a foot firmly in both the business owner and employee world, he provides a much needed analysis of both, and delivers some powerful insights, top tips and practical tools to help those who are also seeking that next challenge and adventure.

Please welcome - Simon Dowell

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