Episode 25: Shades and Coffee with Leyla Packham - Sonria Dental, London.


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My guest today is the first Colombian dentist to qualify in the UK.

For personal reasons she left Colombia with her 2 daughters and a few years this remarkable lady learned to speak English, qualified and started her own Dental Practice in Central London.

She now has one of the top Dental Clinics in the UK boasting an impressive team of 10 specialists who have 3 things in common:
- Their high levels of expertise.
- Their passion for what they do.
- The love they have for their clients and each other.

We discuss the trials and tribulations of running a business in these uncertain times alongside top tips for employees, contractors and business owners in terms of achieving their goals, reducing uncertainty, and feeling their very best.

Please welcome, founder of Sonria Dental Clinic

Leyla Packham



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