Episode 8: Shades and Coffee with Leo Lourdes (and Lamu his beautiful beagle)


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My guest today is a well renown Life coach and Yogi who has been truly transforming lives since 2001.

His empire has expanded from his humble Harley street beginings and various London sites to include lush locations like The Maldives, Thailand, Costa Rica, Greece, The Himalayas, Vietnam and Morocco.

He’s also a singer-songwriter and works on a variety of music projects. In fact, Oprah Winfrey described him as ‘the singing yogi’.

He has taught yoga to designer Donna Karan and Supermodel Elle MacPherson alongside many other celebrities and over 40,000 clients through the years.

Today we talk about his upcoming book MANKIND and I feel truly blessed to be able to sit back, relax, listen and learn.

Lamu, his beagle joined our session and his wagging tale can be heard in the background alongside his occasional input into the conversation. I do hope you don’t mind…

Founder of Futuremind, Yogasphere and YS Yoga, …
Please welcome, ……Leo Lourdes and the lovely Lamu


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