The City of Austin Organic Recycling Ordinance (ORO) goes Live October 1, 2018 3-22-2018


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The Organic Recycling Ordinance (ORO) will go live on October 1, 2018 in Austin, Texas 3-22-2018 As part of its goal to reach 100 % Zero Waste by 2040, the City of Austin will be implementing the Organic Recycling Ordinance (ORO), which goes into effect on October 1, 2018. All businesses with a food service permit will be required to ensure they have a plan in place, and their employees have convenient access to organics diversion services. In order to help meet the City’s goals, food service businesses will need to learn about the program and how they will need to comply. Our guests helped unravel the details of the ORO program. Our guests for March 22nd on Shades on Green were: • Teresa Chapman, Senior Planner for Austin Resource Recovery’s Business Outreach Team • Stacy Savage of Zero Waste Strategies. Stacy is a communications contractor for ARR’s Business Outreach Team • Tyler Markham from Central Texas Food Bank

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