Ep. 030: Rewrite Your Story and RISE with Danette May


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Danette May is a leading healthy lifestyle expert, renown speaker, and best-selling author. She also runs an international eight-figure business with a mission to help women step into radical self-love. Her current personal mission, and the focus of her new book, is all about the rise.

She tells us her own story of rising and shares the tools that she used to create big transformation in her life and to step into her fullest self-expression. Danette is a testament to the power of self-love, perseverance, vision, and how tapping into your greatest Self can bring both immense personal fulfillment AND financial abundance.

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  • Danette’s story: where she is at now, her “pinch me life”, and how she got here
  • Danette’s experience with loss, divorce, and financial struggles
  • Her business mission—to help women step into radical self-love
  • Her current personal mission—the unapologetic rise of each individual
  • How she focuses on small things every day in order to make big impact (“small hinges move big doors”)
  • What her three pillars + three non-negotiables are, and they helped her transform her life
  • How she infuses her message into her family life and into her business culture
  • Plus much more…



The Rise by Danette May

Connect with Danette:

Website: www.danettemay.com

Instagram: Danette May


“My passion right now is really the unapologetic rise of each individual, rising into their fullest expression—standing more fully in their voice, standing on top of their stories, and really connecting and truly starting to see one another for who we are. Not what we do, not what we look like, not the differences that we have, but really the underlying current of our soul.”

“I had two choices: to stay in victim mode, or take 100% responsibility for my life.”

“As women, we need to celebrate our light and our victories and our genius just as much as we need to celebrate our darkness.”


“The quickest way to change our state is through movement. Not meditation, not smiling; those things are great but if you want to shift your state quickly, move. Movement is like the clearing of the cobwebs of the soul.”

“When you’re in your mess, you do not feel like being grateful. You do not feel like doing affirmations. You do not feel like eating something green and healthy. You just don’t feel like it, so don’t wait until you feel like it because you never will. Because you’re just in it. That’s ok, but the decision comes when you decide to do these things especially because I don’t feel like it.”


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