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In this episode, Jon and Michael go through three defining events in Michael's career and how they demonstrate his core beliefs.
Event #1 - Leaving Bain to Found a Company
In his 30's, Michael made the decision to leave his consulting job at Bain to do something radically different: open up restaurants. It was the 80's and he believed American society was about to embrace a healthier way of life. He believed so strongly in this mission that he set out to find a restaurant making food matching his vision and spread it nationally.
Jon dug up this LA times article from 1986 where Michael and co-founder Tony Brooke are described as, "The two young entrepreneurs hope their all-you-can-eat, self-serve Souplantation, which they bought two years ago, will ride the coattails of the health-food movement and propel them into the big leagues of the restaurant industry."
Micheal reflects on these days and how they had the confidence to make a small company larger.
Event #2 - Being Fired from the Company He Founded
At 39, he had taken the company public and seen success few entrepreneurs do. But, with growth slowing and costs rising the pressure was intense going into the 90's. The board, which included his father, would eventually decide to fire Michael from his position as CEO.
This article from HBR details the day he was given the news and how it rocked his world. Micheal digs into what it was like that day and the weeks, months and years after. He offers advice on how to navigate your own thoughts or 'head trash' as he calls it and make the decisions that are best for you and those around you.
Micheal credits his willingness to be vulnerable during those times as the main factor that lead to Event #3...
Event #3 - Being Rehired as CEO
Instead of just retreating into the shadows, Michael remained as a board member and actively helped transition the new leadership into power. By continuing to be a positive force he fostered trust in those around him. Years later the board voted to rehire him as CEO.
He has since left Gardenfresh group but he talked about how his time away from the job of CEO in the 90's changed him and helped him successfully lead the company in his second tenure as CEO.
Micheal's journey demonstrates the power of humbleness and vulnerability.
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