Episode 9: The Secret of the Mansion (Trixie Belden) with Darla Rennegarbe


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The Trixie Belden books are one of many kid detective series that have been popular over the years, and podcast guest Darla Rennegarbe is a lifelong fan. We chat about reading as an escape from pesky brothers, fortuitous bookstore purchases, and the power of books to foster empathy in a young reader. Also, Darla fires the first shot at Nancy Drew!

You can follow Darla and her bookish life on Instagram @DarlaReads. You can follow both me and the podcast on Instagram @ShapedByStoriesDiane. Show notes and links to subscribe and download the podcast can be found on the show's website www.shapedbystories.com. Music by Kevin MacLeod: https://bit.ly/2HFHGJq.

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