4-28 Dr. George Hariri and Kiera Dent LIVE! A Dental A Team Episode


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This week on Shared Practices Richard and George meet to record in person for the first time at the Dental Success Summit. The guys meet up with friend of the show Kiera Dent, host of the Dental A Team Podcast, to do a deep dive on how to actually use route slips. Even though we’ve talked about this before, we get specific and into the details here in a way we haven’t before!

Kiera is the owner and founder of Dental Placement Pros and Kiera's Dental Consulting. She is partner in Zen Dental Supplies, consults in 50 client offices nationwide, recruits for over 60 dental offices nationwide and owns multiple dental offices.

First Richard talks about Swell, the customer feedback and reviews specialists. The company has helped Kiera, George and many others with their SEO rankings and offer a system for turning your existing customers into a marketing resource. The majority of the show is an in depth look at route slips. The guys go over how to implement them, best practices for their use and a whole host of techniques for using them efficiently and to their full potential.

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::Topic Timecodes::

00:00 – 01:10 Episode intro with Richard.

02:55 – 06:24 Kiera, George and Richard reminisce about dental school and talk podcasts.

06:25 – 11:32 Discussing Swell, remembering the name and how they helped George and others.

11:33 – 15:53 How positive reinforcement helps your outlook and why Swell focus on Google reviews, not other digital marketing strategies.

15:54 – 21:14 Kiera talks about route slips, what are they? and how do you use them?

23:05 – 24:00 Re-care versus unscheduled treatment with in a route slip framework.

24:01 – 26:40 Methods for implementing route slips.

26:41 – 29:27 How George uses route slips for scheduling re-care and pre-checkout.

29:28 – 31:33 Using route slips to create opportunities.

31:34 – 35:36 when do you review route slips and how to use them in creating team synergy.

35:37 – 38:03 colour coding your schedule and converting same day dentistry.

38:04 – 38:58 Conclusion to the interview.

38:59 – 39:42 Episode outro with Richard.

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