Purity in Thought, Word, and Deed


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Rev. Mark Barz, pastor at Crown of Life Lutheran Church in San Antonio, TX, joins host Rev. Timothy Appel to study Matthew 5:27-37. Jesus does not overturn the Old Testament; He fulfills it as He journeys to His cross and empty tomb. In that context, Jesus continues to reveal the true and full intent of the Law to His disciples. Just as the 5th Commandment goes deeper than the physical action of taking a life, so the 6th Commandment goes deeper than the physical union of two people who are not united in marriage. Lust in the heart is already sin in God’s sight. Even though such sin may remain hidden from human eyes, it is known by God. Jesus’ disciples must take the matter very seriously. Jesus teaches that His disciples must do whatever is necessary to cut sin out of their lives, a point that He makes through the use hyperbole. Concerning divorce, Jesus refuses to enter into the debate of His day. He stays above it, teaching God’s true intention for marriage. As we consider this matter today, the only answer is faithfulness to God’s Word in repentance and faith. Concerning oaths, Jesus would have His disciples speak words in the truth that He gives. “All Righteousness Fulfilled” is a mini-series on Sharper Iron that digs into the Gospel according to St. Matthew. The first evangelist proclaims Jesus to Jews and Gentiles alike as the fulfillment of God’s saving words and acts throughout the Old Testament. As the Christ in the line of David and Abraham, Jesus is the promised King who comes to bring sinners from every nation to live under His gracious reign.

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