Episode 9: Stopping Traffic


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This week our news brings a slew of new slip-ups for the May Government as a resignation and an offhand remark land the Tories in ever hotter water for the minority government in number 10. From aboard we find another stash of hidden bank accounts and funds of the super rich and discuss the morality of tax avoidance. Hunter celebrates the best Democratic party election night in years. While Dasha restores our hope in humanity and the system with a personal story. Our interview this week is with Giovanna Iaffaldano an Anti Human Trafficking Champion working with the University of California San Diego’s Social Impact and Innovation department.

  1. Priti Patel
    1. Theresa May loses second minister as Priti Patel resigns
  2. Boris Johnson
    1. Boris Johnson’s career prospects rest with Iran after gaffe
  3. Paradise Papers
    1. Paradise Papers leak reveals secrets of the world elite’s hidden wealth
    2. International Consortium of Journalists – Paradise Paper hub
  4. A Great Election Night in America for Democrats
    1. The Fundamentals Favor Democrats In 2018
  5. Housing Prices
    1. UK house prices stall as moving costs and interest rate rise bite

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