Drop Dead Fred (1991)


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It only took 3 years and 108 days, but long-time listener Gillian J. finally commissioned the 1991 movie that asks the question: “Is a light-hearted comedy really the best vehicle to explore the effects of childhood trauma & schizophrenia?”.

“Drop Dead Fred” tells the story of Lizzie (Phoebe Cates), an out of work court reporter that dresses like an evangelical missionary, experiencing a mental breakdown after she catches her uncomfortably-older husband, Charles (Tim Matheson) cheating on her. Charles’ infidelity causes Lizzie to spiral out of control, unleashing her childhood imaginary friend, “Drop Dead Fred” (not Yahoo Serious), after which further chaos ensues.

The Shat Trio explores all the issues you care about. Gene pontificates the virtues of the film if it had been completely recast and took a more sinister approach. Next, Roger dives into whether or not “Drop Dead Fred” is a demon or a just a Tyler Durden for young women. Finally, Big D outlines his plan of action if Emma starts blaming imaginary immigrants for spreading cat poop over the sofa.

These topics and more in the latest episode of Shat the Movies.


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