The Money Pit (1986)


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This isn't just a podcast about '80s movies; it's a podcast about FEELINGS. Or at least three guys' ideas on cheating, romantic comedies, and home inspections.

Listener Joe in Alexandria, VA, commissioned 1986's "The Money Pit," in which Tom Hanks plays the same role he played in every '80s movie and Shelly Long is 100% swappable with Shelly Duvall.

In this episode of Shat The Movies, we explore:

  • horrible '80s hair
  • Brazilian weddings
  • America's obsession with big houses
  • ice cream shop chic
  • and the ubiquity of Euro weirdos in '80s movies.

Roger Roeper shares his theories on romance. Gene Lyons discusses the psychological sensitivity of his erections. Dick Ebert laments movies with self-referencing theme songs. And the Shat Crew explores the strange mirror universe that exists in Gene's house parties.




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