179: Do I Have to Blog for My Wedding Business? (Spoiler Alert: YES)


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One of the questions I get the most often from my one on one marketing clients is: Do I Have to Blog for My Wedding Business?

The short answer is: YES.

I had an incredibly simple but very significant customer experience with a company over the holidays of 2020. This experience just further solidified my opinion that #1 blogging isn't dead and #2 your email list should be a huge focus in 2021.

I want this episode to inspire you to get on the blogging/long-form content train in your wedding business.

Will you see "instant gratification" from this marketing method? Absolutely not.

Will it create a long-term, gold mine of clients and client referrals? Absolutely yes. Links from this Episode: WED Content 365 The CE Shop Blog Actions Steps from this Episode: 1. Go update the Copyright/All Rights Reserved year to 2021 in the footer of your website. 2. Go create two brand new Pinterest Pins per blog post on your website. If you have more than 10 posts, do it for the most recent 10 posts. Then, schedule them in Tailwind.

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