Blizzard, Winter, Ice Age


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One of the HUGE AH-HA moments of 2020 was facing the reality that our COVID shut-down caused everyone to become a “Start-Up”, even if it was momentary. We were jolted by the prospect of doing business in a cultural environment that did not exist any longer. Simply to use the word SHOCKING is a true understatement. As we begin the journey into a new reality and a new year 2021 consider the following 3 definitions and 4 key insights that should be part of your leadership experience right now.

Key Definitions•Blizzard – You can’t go out; zero visibility and hostile conditions. You need to shelter.•Winter – You can go out but not for long. Wear protective clothing and check the weather forecast for storms. A need for survival!•Ice Age – Things do not grow in the way they used to grow. Discover new ways to live and thrive. Need to adapt and rebuild.

4 Key Insights

•If you have not come to grips with this reality you are behind the learning curve – COVID-19 should be treated as a Cultural Blizzard, winter, and beginning of a little ice-age. What we are experiencing is a once in a lifetime event. This is going to impact your organization for years to come. Everything you do, plan, and dream will be measured from this moment not what we had. COVID is the new ground zero of metrics. The natural tendency is to attempt any pathway that can get us back to where we were. This, however, ignores the sobering reality of change to such an extent that it will not allow a return to old norms. Simply stated, we have lost control and we are not calling the shots any longer! This once in a life-time event forces us to forge new methods, message, budgets, missional purposes, and systems.

•In mid-March of 2020, all churches and non-profit enterprises were effectively out of business in that the under-lying assumptions for their existence is no longer true. Understand that growth can become blinding in that you strategize and align resources to perpetuate your success trajectory. We have equated success and God’s blessing on doing the right things. Understand this is true in part but not the whole. To bring this fact into focus answer this question; “What was your founding purpose?” “Are you still on that trajectory of purpose today?” The prioritization of your founding purpose began with a call to a community. Use this disruption as a time to evaluate your function and footprint in the community you were called to reach. From that you can move toward to the uttermost part of the world. Your community is your foundational landing pad in times of uncertainity.

•It is time for a new “playbook” that honors your missional purpose and the community you serve. Make the most of your organization’s assets – namely the personnel, financial capital, social capital, to develop strategies that lean more on relationships and trust instead of programs for attractional value. The Kingdom of God is being faced with 3 keys questions of its leaders; Do you know me? Can you help me? Can I trust you? The foundation of questions is that people are looking for genuine community in which people actually know my name.•Currently the creative potential for hope is unparalleled. We are being given an amazing gift of a clean slate to start over. Paradoxically, we cannot achieve the full force of this new potential until we are given a chance for lament. We need to grieve over what we have lost – because it is real, and we all are attempting to find our way right now. Once lament has been engaged, leadership requires personal assurance and guidance that where we go one, we go all!

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