African American Children for Sale. The Paper Chase


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This epispde will discuss the "Funding Opportunities that thwart efforts of reform for victims of exploitation. Every day in America, thousands of women and children are sold for sex. Law enforcement arrests the children as “juvenile prostitutes” asserting they are not victims but are willing participants. In major cities, African-American girls represent the majority of victims of sexual exploitation. This is not a new phenomenon. Since the new millennium, commercial sexual exploitation of African-American children has grown to become part of a billion dollar industry. Jefferson said, “Over the course of a decade, she has witnessed the role of corporate financial supporters on issues like human trafficking, and juvenile justice and reform; the role of the Black “powers that be,” and the role of the political and nonprofit leaders who work effortless to thwart meaningful advocacy and change.” Jefferson said, “It is unfortunate that some recipients of nonprofit funding are as responsible for advocating against anyone who dares to speak against the status quo.” Attorney Sherri Jefferson has created an awareness ribbon for domestic minor sex trafficking and child sexual exploitation. Blue, Teal and Lt. Blue combined because individually the colors offer awareness on too many issues. This ribbon is specific to the issue of DMST/CSE

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