A Beauty Industry Giant Wants You To Stop Paying $50 For A $5 Lipstick w Marcia Kilgore


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After 30 years in the beauty industry, during which she founded 5 successful brands, Marcia Kilgore is now running what she believes will be her most successful venture yet. Beauty Pie is a beauty club in which members have access to the highest end cosmetics and skincare products in the world at bargain prices. Members get backdoor access to some of the world’s best fragrance, skin care and cosmetics factories, many of which supply big-name luxury brands that go on to charge sky-high prices once stamped with their logo. By cutting out things like fancy packaging, celebrity endorsements and expensive ad campaigns, Beauty Pie is able to side step the huge mark up.

In this episode, Marcia shares some behind-the-scenes observations of the industry, how she came up with the innovative concept, how she sources the products all over the world and her 5 absolute favorite "desert island" skincare and anti-aging products. Plus why at 52, after having sold one of her companies (Bliss Spa) to LVMH for millions, the mom of two continues to push herself into the entrepreneurial arena.

If you want to give Beauty Pie a whirl, Marcia has offered a free one month membership to SheSez listeners. Just go to Beauty Pie, sign up for a membership and then use the code SHESEZ at the end (it will bring your membership fee to zero and then you can shop on the site).

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