It's Time To Make It Happen With Yeukai Kajidori, Host Of The Yeukai Business Show


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Today's guest is Yeukai Kajidori. He's a renowned podcaster and host of the Yeukai Business Show, which ranks in the top 3 percent of the most popular podcast shows globally. He's a podcasting mentor, CEO, outsourcing expert, and business growth, strategist. He's super successful and passionate about helping others. Like most high-performing entrepreneurs, their schedule leaves little time for dating. But this week, Yeukai will share how he's decided to change that! Oh yeah! He's taken the plunge full-on into the world of online dating. Yeukai discusses the importance of being yourself, text banter by audio, and Virtual Speed Dating.
Yeukai Kajidori is a podcast enthusiast who helps others create a profitable podcast super-fast and use your podcast as a tool to raise your credibility, visibility, and profitability. The Yeukai Business Show is rated #3 on UK iTunes in the business category section. He helps people get their message out there to do business on their terms. He's even interviewed over 300 successful business owners while building an Outsourcing Company. Yeukai, is also one of the moderators for Club Pod, the second largest club for podcasting in Clubhouse.
He's fueled by faith, family, and the possibility of living life to the max.
Kerry Brett and Yeukai Kajidori, cover a lot of ground from Clubhouse to Dating. Apps. Topics include:
Is Clubhouse the new Tinder?
How Clubhouse like dating apps are growing fast.
How new users are finding romantic connections on Clubhouse.
How people have connected on social media apps and Clubhouse is no different.
Rooms on Clubhouse dedicated to dating, love, and relationships.
Popular Clubhouse rooms such as Dating after the Pandemic and Shoot Your Shot.
How Matchmakers are using Clubhouse to share their expertise and promote their brands while building a community.
Frequent apps that create connections. You will succeed on those apps because people are desperate for connection.
Look for the circumstances that you want and if you can't find it? Make it!
Raise your hand, join a new dating site, put yourself out there; what do you have to lose?
Success is achieved and maintained by those who try and keep trying.
If it's important to you, you will find a way, or you'll find an excuse.
How to improve your dating skills through Virtual Speed Dating.
To find out more about Yeukai Kajidori, you can follow on Instagram @yeukaik or visit his website's and www.yeukaimastermindcenter.

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