Is Fitspiration Giving You A Body Image Disorder?


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Lawrence is joined by Dr. Nova Deighton-Smith, Leah Boepple and Andrea Valdez in this week's SBS Radio.

This episode's topic is a very serious one. Dr. Nova Deighton-Smith's research looked into Fitspiration. The kind of posts that flood social media and how they can be so destructive. Leah Boepple discusses a study looking into how pro-anorexic websites can make people feel worse about themselves and research into Thinspiration websites.

In the second half of this episode Lawrence speaks to Andrea Valdez of 3DMJ who looks at this topic through the lense of being a bodybuilding coach.

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Here's the lowdown on this episode!

03:40 - Why do you think that the Internet and in particular Social Media has become such a prevalent source of imagery and inspiration to change one's body?

09:15 - Are there any particular groups of people particularly susceptible to body image related media?

15:08 - Dr. Nova Deighton-Smith and her research into Fitspiration

19:15 - What were the sort of images found in the research?

20:38 - What stood out as particularly shocking?

23:24 - Why are destructive mantras so common?

25:12 - How does Fitspiration fit into Objectification Theory?

30:50 - Is there a healthy way to balance self objectification and self subjectification?

33:00 - What advice would you give to people on Instagram regarding their own mental health if they're likely to see Fitspiration?

36:23 - Leah Boepple and her experimental study.

40:18 - How did you go about finding these websites?

42:00 - Did any of the content you saw made you feel particularly shocked or troubled?

44:21 - How do Thinspiration and Fitspiration websites compare when it comes to content and themes?

45:38 - What is the impact of Fitspiration tags becoming so huge?


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